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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2015-51 

December 21, 2015 


Announcement 2015–35Announcement 2015–35

This document contains corrections to Revenue Procedure 2015–55, as published on Monday, December 7, 2015 (I.R.B. 2015–49, 788). In particular, this announcement corrects certain administrative items.

Rev. Proc. 2015–57Rev. Proc. 2015–57

Rev. Proc. 2015–57 provides that the IRS will not assert that a taxpayer who took out Federal student loans to finance attendance at a school owned by Corinthian Colleges, Inc. that are discharged under the Department of Education’s (ED) Defense to Repayment discharge process must recognize gross income as a result of this discharge process. This revenue procedure also identifies the statutory basis under which taxpayers whose Federal student loans are discharged under ED's Closed School discharge process may exclude the discharged amount from gross income. In addition, this revenue procedure provides that the IRS will not assert that taxpayers within the scope of this revenue procedure must increase their taxes owed in the year of a discharge as a result of either discharge process if in a prior taxable year they received an education credit under section 25A or took a deduction under section 221 or 222.

Notice 2015–83Notice 2015–83

This Notice modifies Notice 2012–48, 2012–31 I.R.B. 102, regarding the process for allocation of the available amount of national volume cap for tax-exempt tribal economic development bonds under § 7871(f) of the Internal Revenue Code, provides special rules for bonds issued under a “draw-down” loan structure in which the lender advances funds for the loan on different dates (Draw-down Bonds), and allows additional time to use allocated volume cap for issuance of Draw-down Bonds if an issuer meets certain requirements.

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