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Internal Revenue Bulletin:  2017-14 

April 3, 2017 


Rev. Proc. 2017–25Rev. Proc. 2017–25

This revenue procedure formally establishes the Small Business/Self Employed Fast Track Settlement program (SB/SE FTS) to provide an expedited format for resolving disputes with Small Business/Self Employed (SB/SE) taxpayers. SB/SE taxpayers that currently have unagreed factual or legal issues in at least one open year under examination can work together with SB/SE and the Office of Appeals to resolve outstanding disputed issues while the case is still in SB/SE jurisdiction. This revenue procedure modifies and supersedes Announcement 2011–5, 2011–4 I.R.B. 430.

Rev. Proc. 2017–27Rev. Proc. 2017–27

This procedure provides issuers of qualified mortgage bonds (QMBs) and qualified mortgage certificates (MCCs) with average area purchase price safe harbors for statistical areas in the United States and with a nationwide average purchase price for residences in the United States for purposes of QMB rules under section 143 of the Code and the MCC rules under section 25.

Rev. Proc. 2017–29Rev. Proc. 2017–29

This revenue procedure updates for 2017 tax years the annually published depreciation and inclusion tables for owners and lessees, respectively, of passenger vehicles, trucks, and vans.

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