1.2.41 Delegations of Authority for Information Technology Activities


  1. This IRM contains a combination of newly restructured, renumbered and revised Delegation Orders. Each Delegation Order is categorized by the process to which it belongs. The fact that Delegation Orders apply to all Service personnel involved in the type of program, activity, function, or work process covered by the Delegations of Authority remains unchanged.

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    If any Delegation Orders have been inadvertently omitted from this Section they are still considered official and in full force and effect. Please send any discrepancies found to spder@irs.gov.

  4. The following is a listing of all sections in the delegation order series:

    • IRM 1.2.2,Delegations of Authority;

    • IRM 1.2.40,Delegations of Authority for Organization, Finance and Management Activities;

    • IRM 1.2.41,Delegations of Authority for Information Technology Activities;

    • IRM 1.2.42,Delegations of Authority for Submission Processing Activities;

    • IRM 1.2.43,Delegations of Authority for the Examining Process;

    • IRM 1.2.44,Delegations of Authority for the Collecting Process;

    • IRM 1.2.45,Delegations of Authority for Human Resource Management Activities;

    • IRM 1.2.46,Delegations of Authority for the Rulings and Agreements Process;

    • IRM 1.2.47,Delegations of Authority for the Appeals Process;

    • IRM 1.2.48,Delegations of Authority for Criminal Investigations Activities;

    • IRM 1.2.49,Delegations of Authority for Communications, Liaison and Disclosure Activities;

    • IRM 1.2.50,Delegations of Authority for Taxpayer Advocate Service Activities;

    • IRM 1.2.51,Delegations of Authority for Penalties and Interest Activities;

    • IRM 1.2.52,Delegations of Authority for Special Topics Activities;

    • IRM 1.2.53,Delegations of Authority for Chief Counsel Activities.

    • IRM 1.2.54,Delegations of Authority for Security, Privacy and Assurance Activities.

Delegation Order 2-1 (formerly DO-261, Rev. 1)

  1. Authority to Govern all Areas Related to Information Resources and Technology Management

  2. Authority: To perform those functions the Commissioner is authorized to perform having Servicewide impact and relating to, or concerning the acquisition of information technology (IT) and the management of information resources other than the duties delegated to the Assistant Commissioner (Procurement).

  3. Delegated to: Chief Information Officer

  4. Redelegation: This Authority may be redelegated to the Deputy Chief Information (Operations) and the Deputy Chief Information Officer (Systems). With respect to approving expenditures under the Information Technology Investment Account (ITIA), this authority may be redelegated to the Director, Business Systems Modernization Office.

  5. Source of Authority: Treasury Order 150-10, Section 5125 of the Clinger/Cohen Act.

  6. Signed: Charles O. Rossotti, Commissioner of Internal Revenue