13.4.3  TAMIS Training  (05-01-2009)
Introduction to TAMIS Training

  1. This section provides a description of the training available for TAMIS and provides guidelines for the administration of TAMIS training.  (05-01-2009)
Responsibility for TAMIS Training

  1. Local Taxpayer Advocates must ensure that all TAMIS users are trained in the proper use of the system. This includes employees in Operating Divisions that have a business purpose (e.g., NTA Toll-free assistors).

  2. TAS National Headquarters Employee Development is responsible for TAMIS training coordination.  (05-01-2009)
TAMIS Database Training

  1. Course Number 6421, Taxpayer Advocate Management Information System (TAMIS), can be conducted in a variety of methods. Ideally, the training should be taught in a computer classroom, allowing for individual hands-on practice. If computers are not available, the course has been designed with copies of the appropriate screens throughout the material.

  2. TAMIS can also be taught by combining group discussion with periods of hands-on practice at each participant's workstation.

  3. To access the TAMIS Training database, contact your local TAS Training or TAMIS coordinator for login instructions.

  4. The TAMIS course is designed to provide the mechanics of using the database. Case coding, definitions, procedures, etc., are part of the course only to the extent as to how they are recorded in the system.

  5. Training for the TAMIS report-writing software, Eureka, is available for licensed users.  (05-01-2009)
TAMIS Updates

  1. The National office will issue "TAMIS Updates" to all TAS employees and NTA Toll-free users when changes are implemented in the TAMIS database. These updates provide information covering the nature of changes to TAMIS and related user instructions.

  2. Upon receipt, employees should read the complete document to determine the impact on their case actions. Employees should contact their local TAMIS coordinator if they have any questions regarding TAMIS functionality.

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