13.4.8 Report Writing

Report Writing

  1. Business Objects is a report writing software that links to the Taxpayer Advocate Management Information System (TAMIS), the Systemic Advocacy Management System (SAMS), and other TAS databases allowing extraction of information contained in the database.

  2. The current configuration supports views of case data, archived data, employee information, reports data, Operation Assistance Request (OAR) data, and Systemic Advocacy Issues and Properties.

  3. The software provides TAS with great flexibility in how the data is "extracted" grouped and presented. Users can create:

    • Templates for others users;

    • Hot links within reports;

    • Drill-down data views;

    • Web based report views; or

    • Customized table extracts.

  4. Users can get quick data queries and summaries as well as very complex queries that share data from multiple databases or data views.