2.13.1  Introduction

Manual Transmittal

April 23, 2013


(1) This transmits revised IRM 2.13.1 Enterprise Networks, Introduction.

Material Changes

(1) This IRM provides an overview of the responsibilities and standards for User and Network Services’ (UNS) telecommunications services.

(2) “Enterprise Networks” was changed to “User and Network Services” throughout the document.

(3) Section was added to document the process for the annual update of UNS IRMs.

(4) Updated UNS web site address

Effect on Other Documents

IRM 2.13.1, dated August 05, 2009, is superseded.


All Operating Divisions and Functions needing telecommunications services are required to use this IRM.

Effective Date


Terence V. Milholland
Chief Technology Officer  (04-23-2013)

  1. User and Network Services (UNS) is the single point of contact for customers to request IT products and services enabling employees to perform day-to-day operations. Services include providing support for local and wide area networks, services and IT devices; such as desktop and laptop computers, local telephone systems, printers and cell phones. This IRM provides an overview of the telecommunication services provided by UNS.  (04-03-2013)

  1. UNS’ responsibilities include managing the telecommunications budget for the IRS; engineering and designing the telecommunications infrastructure; and providing standards, procedures, guidelines, and operational support for telecommunications services.

  2. IRM contains organizational information about the Associate Chief Information Officer for User and Network Services organization. Further information about UNS and other services provided can be found on the UNS web site at http://uns.web.irs.gov.  (04-03-2013)
UNS IRM Updates

  1. The UNS Organization shall review IRMs annually to determine if they reflect current policies and procedures. IRM authors will be contacted to confirm and document the status of their IRMs. Upon finding the need for an IRM to be updated, UNS shall follow the procedures documented in IRM 1.11.2 Internal Management Documents (IMD) System, Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) Process to update and publish the IRM.

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