2.144.1 Capacity Management Policy

Manual Transmittal

October 01, 2019


(1) To transmits revised IRM 2.144.1, Capacity Management, Capacity Management Policy

Material Changes

(1) The revisions include:

  • Added Internal Control Section

Effect on Other Documents

IRM 2.144.1 Capacity Policy dated November 2015 is superseded.


The Component Capacity Management Process is applicable to all ACIO (Associate Chief Information Officer) areas with responsibility for Capacity management.

Effective Date


Chief Information Officer

Program Scope and Objectives

  1. Overview - This IRM is directed to organizations that will build, monitor, maintain, tune and upgrade components that support the businesses and their mission.

  2. Purpose - To provide guidance to support the mission by efficiently maintaining the component infrastructure.

  3. Audience - This process is directed to all organizations that have responsibility to monitor and maintain the component environments.

  4. Policy Owner - The ACIO of Enterprise Services (ES).

  5. Program Owner -Will be the Director of Solutions Engineering (SE) located within the ES ACIO organization

  6. Primary Stakeholders - Will be organizations that have responsibility to maintain the IRS capacity infrastructure.

  7. Program Goal - To deliver and maintain the most cost effective and efficient capacity infrastructure( i.e., hardware, software, applications and operating systems, etc.) to the business stakeholders to help ensure their support of the IRS mission is met.


  1. This policy was established to align the IRS and its Missions to follow the Industry best practice is delivering the best, and most capable IT capacity, for the service in support of its Business customers.

  1. This policy establishes the organizational policy for planning and performing the Capacity Management process to ensure that all current and future capacity and performance aspects of the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure are provided to meet business requirements at acceptable cost. The Capacity Management process ensures IT infrastructure is provided at the right time in the right volume at the right price, and ensures that IT is used in the most efficient manner

  1. This policy is applicable to all IT organizations with responsibilities for Capacity Management activities.


  1. Enterprise Services is responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance, of this directive. Approval of this directive, including updates, rests with the ACIO of Enterprise Services. Any questions or updates to this Policy can be directed to Enterprise Services, Front door email: SE Frontdoor:*IT Engineering Customer Support


  1. All IT Organization that have responsibility for IT capacity, are to follow the Capacity Management Processes.

  2. Business owners have the responsibility to obtain funding in order to support their IT capacity infrastructure needs. This includes initial procurement as well as maintaining needs.

  3. IT requirements development will be accurate in deploying the most cost effective way in supporting the businesses IT capacity needs

  4. The procurement of IT capacity in support of the business will be of industry standard, and at the best possible cost.

  5. Maintaining the IT capacity in line with service level agreements between the business and IT capacity support.

  6. Modernizing the IT capacity in order to support the business in the most efficient and cost effective manner.