25.19.7  Systems Operations (SO)  (09-01-2008)
Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)
Systems Operations (SO)

  1. The Systems Operations (SO) team provides support in Infrastructure Management (IM), Application Management (AM), and Service Management (SM). IM consists of the physical infrastructure, database administration, storage management, network monitoring and administration, IT Security, and application development maintenance and operations activities. AM consist of the Siebel Application and SAP Application development, maintenance and operations activities. SM consist of the Financial and Accounting application testing, interface activities, and batch operations activities. The HCTC system is an IRS system outside of the IRS network and maintained by contractors. The Program is located among seven locations to include the data center, disaster recovery/backup data center, customer call center, finance/accounting center, fulfillment center, and a contractor and IRS program management office.

  2. The two network systems used by the HCTC program are:

    The Financial and Accounting System: This system is the financial accounting tool for the HCTC program. This system maintains financial and health plan data for all HCTC participants enrolled in the monthly program. The system posts the 35% health premium payment received from eligible participants and then matches the remaining 65% of the health premium amount from HCTC. To complete the process, a payment record report of all participant premium amounts is sent to the Integrated Financial System. The combined payment totaling 100% is then sent through the Financial Management System, where electronic and paper payments are made to the Health Plan Administrator for the participants.

    The Customer Relationship Management System: This system is the customer management tool for the HCTC program. This system maintains eligibility, payment history, policy, health plan and case related data for all HCTC participants.

    The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) certification reviews are completed by the contractors, HCTC staff and Mission Assurance. The SO team ensures the HCTC system is FISMA, disclosure, and security complaint. Security reviews are performed at all HCTC locations.

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