4.7.11  System Administrator and Database Administrator  (10-26-2010)

  1. This section contains information concerning the ERCS Host Site System Administrators (SAs) and Database Administrators (DBAs). The SAs and DBAs are Modernization Information Technology System (MITS) employees.  (10-26-2010)
Hardware Maintenance Support

  1. The SAs and DBAs support the SUN minicomputer. The minicomputer is located in the Enterprise Computing Center in Memphis, Tennessee (ECC-MEM). This system houses the Examination Returns Control System database which contains data for returns under examination in LB&I and SB/SE. The ERCS minicomputer has been implemented under the UNIX operating system and the Oracle Database.

  2. The SAs must have knowledge of the UNIX operating system.

  3. The DBAs must have knowledge of Oracle Database Management.

  4. The support of the SAs and DBAs is essential to ensure the smooth operation of the ERCS system.  (10-26-2010)
Responsibilities of the System Administrator and the Database Administrator

  1. The duties and responsibilities of the SA and the DBA are detailed in the following resource documents:

    • Computer Operations Handbook (COH)

    • Application System Security Plan (SSP)

    • Tier II Consolidated Service Level Agreement

    • IRM 2.7, Modernization and Information Technology Services (MITS) Operations

    • IRM 10.8.1, Information Technology (IT) Security, Policy and Guidance

    • ERCS Technical Reference Manual

  2. Responsibilities of the SA include but are not limited to:

    1. Ensuring the availability of the system to end users during the pre-defined hours of operations,

    2. Coordinating repairs and maintenance of the system,

    3. Installing system and application software,

    4. Loading application updates,

    5. Ensuring all security features are installed and operating properly,

    6. Ensuring system backups are completed successfully,

    7. Processing Online 5081, Automated Information System (AIS) User Registration / Change Request, documents for ERCS and Statistical Sampling Inventory Validation Listing (SSIVL) access to add users to or delete users from the system,

    8. Resetting UNIX passwords for users with locked accounts,

    9. Working with MITS, the AIMS/ERCS support staff, and end users to resolve complex user issues,

    10. Working with the ERCS Development staff to troubleshoot the ERCS application, and

    11. Restoring damaged or lost files or programs from backup storage devices.

  3. Responsibilities of the DBA include but are not limited to:

    1. Coordinating upgrades to the Oracle Database Management system,

    2. Running installation scripts and programs to update the database for new ERCS versions,

    3. Ensuring all Oracle security features are installed and operating properly,

    4. Ensuring database backups are completed successfully,

    5. Processing Online 5081 requests to reset ERCS Discoverer passwords,

    6. Working with MITS, the AIMS/ERCS support staff, and end users to resolve complex user issues,

    7. Working with the ERCS Development staff to troubleshoot the ERCS database issues, and

    8. Restoring damaged or lost data from backup storage devices.  (10-26-2010)
Communicating with the SA and DBA

  1. Users experiencing ERCS or SSIVL program problems or questions are to seek assistance from their local AIMS/ERCS support staff. If the AIMS/ERCS support personnel cannot resolve the user's issue, the AIMS/ERCS support personnel will make the determination whether to contact the ERCS Hotline or instruct the user to contact the MITS Enterprise Service Desk.

  2. Users will contact the MITS Enterprise Service Desk at 1-866-743-5748, Option 2 (MITS), when securing SA assistance for locked ERCS or SSIVL passwords.

  3. Users will submit an Online 5081 when requesting DBA assistance for locked Discoverer passwords. When submitting the Online 5081, users should select the "Reset Application Password" button for either the "ORACLE DISCOVERER PLUS-ERCS SB/SE (ORACLE DISCOVERER PLUS - ERCS)" or the "ORACLE DISCOVERER PLUS-ERCS LB&I (ORACLE DISCOVERER PLUS - ERCS)" application.

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