Features of the File Listings Application

Features of the picklist application labeled


Find Box

screenshot showing find box


In this box, type the string of characters you would like to match (such as a form number, a word in a document title, or year of publication).

  • TIP: On your first attempt, keep things simple. You can usually find what you need without using punctuation or hyphens, or trying to match multiple keywords. If you are having difficulty, read more matching tips.

Click the "Find" button to filter the file listing to show only those items that match your string in the selected field.        

screenshot showing Find button


  • For example, if you type "1099" in the Find box, select "Title" with the field selector, and click "Find," the listing will show only those items that have "1099" in the Title field.


Field Selector

screenshot showing field selector

To change the field for your Find filter, open the drop-down menu and choose a different field.

  • For example, if you want to filter by Title instead of Product Number, open the selector menu and choose "Title."        
screenshot showing selector open


  • NOTE: You must enter something into the Find box for a filter to work properly.


Navigation Bar

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  • File Position Label
    Shows how many files are visible on the current listing page, how many total files are contained in the listing, and the position that the current page holds within the listing. (Note: The totals will reflect the impact of any filter you may have chosen.)
  • Results Per Page
    Displays the number of files visible per page. The number in boldface is the current files-per-page setting. To change the setting, click the desired number.
    TIP: Increasing this number can make browsing a longer list of files much easier.
  • Results Page Chooser
    Click "Previous" or "Next" to move one page at a time though the listing, or click a number to go directly to a specific listing page.


Results Table

screenshot of results table with parts labeled

The header bar at the top of the Results Table allows you to change how the listing is sorted. The dark "up arrow" indicates the current sort. Below the header bar you will find the items in the file listing.


Change Sort

screenshot showing how to change sort order


Each column in the table allows three sort options:

  • Click any column name (e.g. "Product Number") to sort the listing by that field, in ascending alphanumeric order
  • Click any "up arrow" to sort the listing by that field, in ascending alphanumeric order
  • Click any "down arrow" to sort the listing by that field, in descending alphanumeric order

TIP: You can also click the "info" button at the top of any column to see a definition of the information in that field.


Item Listing

To view or download a file, simply click the corresponding link in the leftmost column (usually under "Product Number" or "Number").

screenshot showing results and where to click