This chart describes the chain of command and direct reports for the Office of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. Under the Commissioner are the Chief of Staff; Chief Counsel; National Taxpayer Advocate; Chief, Appeals; and Chief, Communications and Liaison. Under the Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement are Chief, Criminal Investigation; Commissioner, Large Business and International Division; Director, Office of Online Services; Director, Office of Professional Responsibility; Director, Return Preparer Office; Commissioner, Small Business/Self-Employed Division; Commissioner, Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division; Commissioner, Wage and Investment Division and Director, Whistleblower Office. Under the Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support are the Assistant Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support; Chief, Facilities Management and Security Services; Chief, Financial Officer; Chief, Information Officer; IRS Human Capital Officer; Chief Privacy Officer; Chief Risk Officer; Chief Procurement Officer; Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Research and Analysis Officer.