Add Authorizations to CAF (KAFRM/KAFADM) screen display, Part 2 of 2.KAFRMdefiner [[slashb]][[slashb]] - calls up the appropriate screen format of KAFADKAFADMTaxpayer TIN and file sourceTIN (SSN or EIN) and file source in one of the following formats: nnn-nn-nnnn[[slashb]] (Valid IMF) nnn-nn-nnnn* (Invalid IMF) nnn-nn-nnnnV (Valid BMF SSN) nnn-nn-nnnnW (Invalid BMF SSN) nnn-nn-nnnnN (NMF SSN) nn-nnnnnnn[[slashb]] (BMF EIN) nn-nnnnnnnP (EPMF EIN) nn-nnnnnnnN (NMF EIN)TAXPAYER NAME CONTROLCreated according to rules set forth in the Name Control Job Aids, Documents 7071 and 7071ASKIP TIN/NC CKEnter a ‘Y’ to bypass checking the NAP and postpone generation of a TC-96X to Master File.Taxpayer NameThe taxpayer name is limited to 35 characters, counting first name, middle name, last name, suffix, and spaces. When the components (below) are entered, the characters will be counted and, if they total more than 35, the user will be advised to shorten component field(s) at his/her discretion. CAF NUMBERMust not be altered from the CAF Number displayed as part of the screen format.REP N/CMust match the name control for the rep - already on the databaseFORM NUMCurrent valid form numbers are 2848, 8821, and 706MOD/UNM Modified/Unmodified Indicator - Enter M, or U for form 2848. Leave blank for other forms. M - Modified in any way other that for signature U - Completely unmodifiedSDLNSource Document Locator Numbernn-nnnn-nn-nnn-nn format, where... nn=purge year - last 2 digits of the year in which the paper document is to be purged from the files; typically 7 years after input nnnn=control cycle - yyww format; not later than current cycle nn=document location office nnn=block series - numeric; 000-999 nn=sequence number - numeric; 00-99Note:Oral TIAs need a ‘P’ at the end of the sequence number of the SDLNRequired FieldSIGN DATETaxpayer signature date - format mmddyyyy (numeric) Not required for a ‘delete’ May not be later than current dateJURISDICTION2 character state code of where the Third Party practices as an Attorney or CPA, for this authorization, if applicableL-B-E NumberLicense/Bar/Enrollment number, if applicable. Applicable to designation levels: Attorney, CPA, Enrolled Agent, Enrolled Actuary, Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent.R/W or REVOKE/WITHDRAWNRevoke or Withdrawn Indicator,X= Taxpayer revoked the authorizationW = Rep withdrew the authorizationE = Employee change or errorDISCLOSEIndicates whether the taxpayer has given the Rep authorization to disclose information to another third party. (Yes or No)MFTMaster File Tax - Enter the numeric MFT for the type of tax specified by the taxpayer. The valid range and validity checks for MFT are specified in IRM 2.3, Section 8, Standard Validity Criteria.TX-PRDTax Period - Enter the tax period specified by the taxpayer. Format yyyymm - numeric. The valid range and validity checks for tax period are specified in IRM 2.3, Section 8, Standard Validity Criteria. Tax periods greater than current year plus 3 years are not accepted for input to the CAF (see IRM 21.3.7). Future tax periods may not be input for Authorization Level ‘ H’, Unenrolled Return Preparer. Effective January 2007, per Circular 230, Authorization Level H is no longer valid for form 2848.RPEAT IND Repeat Indicator - Use for consecutive input or to repeat the powers and authorizations of the current line for additional tax periods. For consecutive input, enter Y for yearly, Q for quarterly, or M for monthly. To repeat the powers and authorizations enter R on each line that the powers and/or authorizations are identical. The repeat indicator is not valid for revokes.AUTH LVL Authorization Level - not required for form 8821Enter one of the following:A - Attorney B - Certified Public AccountantC - Enrolled AgentD - Bona fide officer of the taxpayer's organizationE - Full-time employee of the taxpayerF - Member of the taxpayer's immediate family (i.e. spouse, parent, child, sibling) G - Enrolled actuaryH - Unenrolled return preparerI - Registered Return Preparer (Designation Pending)K - Student Attorney or CPA R - Enrolled Retirement Plan AgentNTCNotice Indicator - Enter ‘N’ if authorized to receive notices and other written communication[If this is a blind trust, leave the Notice Indicator blank.]SIGSignature Indicator - Enter 'S' if third party allowed to sign for taxpayerDLGDelegate Indicator - Enter 'D' if authorized to delegate or substitute TYP ACTKAFADM onlyType of Authorization Action - Enter A, D, or R.A - AddD - DeleteR - Revoke (replace)TXPD LIMITConsecutive Tax Period Limit - Enter the upper limit tax period if consecutive year- / quarter- / month-input is desired. Must be used in conjunction with the repeat indicator. These two fields may only be used on the first line of module input. The tax period limit should not be greater than the latest tax period available if input on separate lines. (Otherwise, they will not all be added to the database. An advisory message will appear.)PLNPlan Number - When used, Plan Number must be numeric.• Required for all EPMF accounts and must be within the range 001-999.• Plan number is required for certain BMF accounts. For MFT 76 (form 5330), it must be within the range 000-999. For MFT 46 (Tax Exempt Bonds), it must be within the ranges 100-199 for form 8038, 300-399 for form 8038-G, 500-599 for form 8038-GC, 700-799 for form 8038-T, and 900-999 for form 8328.BL TRBlind Trust Indicator - Enter ‘B’ if a blind trust is indicated. If the ‘B ’ is entered, no other third party may be authorized to receive notices or refunds.ACEPT UPCAccept Unpostable Code - Enter aY to accept the NAP error. This will put the authorization on CAF but will postpone sending anything to the Master File.