Summary: Displayed is an example of a screenshot for CC-PINEX--Response Screen (for non errors), as referenced in the text. The text states: Line 1, Columns 1-18: PINEXMnnn-nn-nnnnv Line 1, Columns 27-68: ENTER PINEX FUNCTION YOU ARE REQUESTING: - Line 2, Columns 1-14: nn yyyymm v(repeated) Line 2, Columns 31-62: FOR NOTICE TO REQUESTER, ENTER R Line 3, Columns 1-8: mmddyyyy Line 3, Columns 31-59: FOR A DELETE REQUEST, ENTER D Line 4, Columns 1-10: n(repeated) Line 5, Columns 1-12: nnn-nn-nnnnv Line 7: IN THE MENU BELOW, MARK WITH X THE TYPE OF EXPLANATION TO BE PRINTED ON NOTICE Line 8: --ALL PENALTIES AND INTEREST Line 9: --DEBIT INTEREST Line 10: --CREDIT INTEREST Line 11: --FAILURE TO PAY PENALTY Line 12: --FAILURE TO FILE PENALTY Line 13, Columns 2-25: --ESTIMATED TAX PENALTY Line 14: --FAILURE TO DEPOSIT PENALTY Line 15: --FRAUD PENALTY Line 16: --NEGLIGENCE PENALTY Line 17: --BAD CHECK PENALTY Line 18: --UNREPORTED TIP INCOME PENALTY Line 19: --LATE FILING PENALTY (TC 234/238) Line 20: --ALIMONY TIN PENALTY Line 21: --FAILURE TO PROVIDE INFO ON 1065/1120