Pictured in Figure 3.11.10-16 is an example of a Form 2287(CG), Check Not Accepted by Bank, which was sent back to the IRS with a re-payment for a dishonored check. The taxpayer's envelope is displayed behind the Form 2287(CG). There are three bubble boxes used to illustrate the items. The first bubble box, marked Postmark illegible, is used to show (that) the postmark date shown on the taxpayer's envelope is illegible (i.e., unable to be read). The Form 2287(CG) does not have a Transaction Date. The second bubble box, marked as Julian Date 168 = 06/17/20, points to the box on Form 2287(CG), titled Date IRS Received Check. Edited in that box is the date 06/17/20. An arrow from the third (bottom) bubble box, marked as Enter Julian Date from DLN as the Transaction Date is pointing to the Julian Date in the DLN (i.e., the sixth, seventh, and eighth digits in the DLN). The DLN Julian Date 168 is June 17, 2020.