Valid Transaction Code—Document Code Table (cont. 1)Displayed is a table showing the valid TCs and document codes used in revenue receipt processing. The table lists the following items by columns (left to right): the TC; the Debit (DR) or Credit (CR) status; the description of the TC, as Title Abbreviation; the Document Codes; the Master Files, IMF or BMF; and the Primary (PRI), Secondary (SEC), or Tertiary (TER) TC status. The X in each column indicates the valid items under each category for each TC. Exhibit 3.11.10-2 is a four-page table exhibit. The Transaction Codes (TCs) are contained in the left-most column and are listed top to bottom in ascending order. This is the second of four pages in this exhibit, and provides the data, by column, for Transaction Codes 641 through 692.