Editing Historic Structure Code for Form 3468Figure 3.11.14-14 shows an example of editing the Historic Structure Code as described above. Pictured is the tax half of a completed Form 1041 and a folded Form 3468, page 1 and the top part of page 2. Form 3468 shows the following line entries in Part III Rehabilitation Credit and Energy Credit: Line 11e. Pre 1936 buildings . Credit claimed on line 11e is $1,000.Line 11f. Certified historic structures. Credit claimed on line 11f is $1,200.A text box reads Edit 7-3 to the left of line 10 on Form 1041 if any of Lines 11e through 11f, Form 3468 is $1,000 or more.Form 1041 shows the Historic Structure Code 3 is edited to the left of Line 10 on Form 1041 in 7 - 3 format.