This is the top half of the Form 1065, a return for Waxwing, Swift and Wren, Ein 00-4624624, showing an address of 4321 N Harrison Dr. Oklahoma City, Ok. 73125 that has been circled out.Next to the circled out 4321 N. Harrison Dr, the street address 2113 Harding Ave has been written.Next to the Oklahoma City, Ok. 73125, the city of Seattle, State of WA and ZIP code 98109 has been written.In a box below the Form 1065, shows correspondence from the taxpayer regarding the change of address:The first line of the letter: To Whom it May ConcernThe second line: Please note the following address change for Waxwing, Swift, and Wren, The third line: is a continuation of the second line providing the EIN 00-4624624The Forth and Fifth line is the old address of 4321 N Harrison Dr. Oklahoma City, Ok 73125The sixth and seventh line is the new address of 2113 Harding Ave. Seattle, Wa. 98109The eight line is the salutation of Sincerely,The ninth and tenth line is the name Mark Waxwing and his position as General Partner