This figure represents page 1 of Form 1065-B with conversion line numbers to Form 1065. The line items with conversion lines are listed.There is a pop-up box at the top of the form with the following text “Convert 1065-B when it is an initial return or has been filed for Tax Periods 201812 or later. Edit initial return code 2 and Tax Period Beginning on initial returns, when present.1) Under Income: There is a text box with an arrow pointing to the lined through line 4 and another arrow pointing to the lined through line 5, and the following text Edit to Dummy Form 1065 Schedule K.4. Net rental real estate income (loss) (attach Form 8825); field has Schedule K, Line 2.5. Net income (loss) from other rental activities (attach schedule): field has Schedule K, Line 3c.6. Ordinary income (loss) from other partnerships, estates, and trusts (attach schedule): field has Line 4. 7. Net farm profit (loss) (attach Schedule F, (Form 1040): field has Line 5.9. Net gain (loss) from Form 4797, Part II, Line 17 (attach Form 4797): field has Line 6.10. Other income (loss) (See instructions) (attach schedule): field has Line 7.11. Total income (loss). Combine Lines 3 through 10: field has Line 8.2) Under Deductions: 12. Salaries and wages (other than to partners) (less employment credits): field has Line 9.13. Guaranteed payments to partners: field has Line 10.14. Repairs and maintenance: field has Line 11.15. Bad debts: field has Line 12. 16. Rent: field has Line 13. 17. Taxes and licenses: field has Line 14.18. Interest: field has Line 15. 19c (Net Depreciation) field has Line 16c.20. Depletion: field has Line 17. 21. Retirement plans, etc., field has Line 18.22. Employee benefit programs: field has Line 19.23. Other deductions (attach schedule): field has Line 20.24. Total deductions. Add the amounts shown in the right column for Lines 12 through 23: field has Line 21.25. Taxable income (loss) from passive loss limitation activities. Subtract Line 24 from Line 11: field has Line 22.