Exhibit 3.11.106-1 - Form 706, Page 1Summary: This is an example of the current year revision of Form 706, United States Estate (and Generation-Skipping Transfer) Tax Return, showing transcription lines. The following items are transcribed:CCCP&I CodeUnder Part 1 - Decedent and Executor1b. Decedent's last name (Name Control)2. Decedent's Social Security Number3a. Legal residence (domicile) at time of death4. Date of Birth5. Date of Death6a. Name of Executor6b. Executor's addressUnder Part 2 - Tax Computation1. Total gross estate2. Total allowable deductions3a. Tentative taxable estate (subtract line 2 from line 1)3b. State death tax deduction3c. Taxable estate (subtract line 3b from line 3a)4. Adjusted taxable gifts5. Add lines 3 and 46. Tentative tax (received date)7. Total gift tax payable8. Gross estate tax (subtract line 7 from line 6)9. Maximum unified/applicable credit10. Adjustment to unified/applicable credit11. Allowable unified/applicable credit (subtract line 10 from line 9)12. Subtract line 11 from line 813. Credit for foreign death taxes14. Credit for tax on prior transfers15. Total credits (add lines 13 and 14)16. Net estate tax (subtract line 15 from line 12)17. Generation-skipping transfer taxes18. Total transfer taxes (add lines 16 and 17)19. Prior paymentsBalance due (or overpayment) (subtract line 19 from line 18) (Remittance) (PIC)TIA notationERS Code