This is an example of the Integrated Data Retrieval System (IDRS) Command Code ADJ54 screen display and fields for inputting a penalty on Master File Tax (MFT) 13, Tax Period 201812 for $1,350.00.ADJ54: 59-XXXXXXX - This is the EIN of the returnMFT: 13 - This is the Master File Tax PLAN: 000TX-PRD: 201812 - This is the Tax Period of the Form 8027NM-CTRL: SEAL - This is the Name Control of the taxpayerSequence Number (SEQ-NUM): 002Blocking Series (BLK): 53Received Date (IRS-RCVD-DT): Enter the Received Date from the Form 8027 in MMDDYYYY format (e.g., 08152019)TC 290, with a zero (.00) amount (AMT) - This is the transaction code and amountHold Code (HOLD-CD): 0 (zero)Penalty Reference Number (CD): 638Amount (AMT): 1,350.00 - This is the amount of the penaltySOURCE-DOC-ATTACHED: Enter Y (Y = Yes)REMARKS: 8027- 6721a - FTF