This represents Form 7004 extension for Form 1120-F, showing the location of the edited Return Code.The following items are present on the form: POSTMARK 06152023 is stamped on the face of the form.The name and address portion of the form, including the identifying number, has been completed by the taxpayer.The name of the taxpayer is Tupelo Corp.Tupe is underlined in red to indicate the name control.Identifying number of the taxpayer is 00-1111111.Taxpayer's street address is PO Box 12345.Taxpayer's city, town, state, and ZIP code is Phoenix, AZ 85026.Line 1 Form Code entered by the taxpayer is 15, indicating Form 1120-F.Box is checked on line 2 which states, If the organization is a foreign corporation that does not have an office or place of business in the United States, check here.Return Code 6 is edited in the margin to the right of the boxes on line 1.Line 5a indicates the application is for calendar year 2022.An IRS received date of 06172023 is stamped on the form.MFT code 02 is entered in top left margin.