This shows Form 2350 editing of the entity and return label sections.The following items are shown: Name: Pierre Poplar; address: 333 Rue de la Pine, 75001 Paris, France; and SSN: 000-00-1111. All have been entered by the taxpayer in the entity portion of the form.In the Last name box, Popl is underlined, indicating the Name Control.There is a text box containing, Approved Form 2350.On Line 1, I request an extension of time until, the taxpayer's entry of 06-15-2023 is circled out and 10152023 is edited above it to the right of the city/state/ZIP entry to indicate the approved extension date.A timely IRS received date, 03112023, is stamped on the form.Line 4a, Date you first arrived in the foreign country, taxpayer entry is 11-27-2021.Line 4c, Your foreign home address, taxpayer entry is 333 Rue de la Pine, 75001 Paris, France.Line 4d, Date you expect to return to the United States, taxpayer entry is 05-26-2023.There is a taxpayer signature on the Signature of taxpayer line.The first box in the Notice to Applicant section, We have approved your application, is checked.The taxpayer's name and street number and name have been entered in the Return Label portion at the bottom of the form by the taxpayer, and the city, country, and ZIP, 75001 Paris, France, are edited from the entity portion.