This is a Tax Period Correction example using a current year Form 1120-FSC (entity part only) and the error register. Form 1120-FSC: To correct the tax period, the tax examiner will circle out the incorrect tax period edited by Code and Edit and edit the correct tax period above the form title (near that area). The tax examiner will reduce the tax period to the month before the current processing month. The Form 1120-FSC, U.S. Income Tax Return of a Foreign Sales Corporation, fields are shown below:For calendar year 20XX or other tax year beginning 1/1/2023, and ending 9/15/2023Name: Green InsuranceEmployer identification number: 00-2345896Number, street, and room or suite no.: 725 Scarlet Ave.City or town, state, and ZIP code: Omaha NE 68108Box F(1): Final return box is checked with ‘X'Received Date: 04152023The Form 1120-FSC error register fields for Section 01 are shown below:Error Register: To correct Field 01-D (Tax Period), the tax examiner will line through the incorrect tax period and enter 202303 above the incorrect tax period. The tax examiner enters a CCC F above Field 01-F and Action Code 6 to the left of Section 01.Error Register: Section 01 shows Fields A (Remittance), B (Name Control), C (EIN), D (Tax Period) with an asterisk to the left of D, E (Received Date) and F (Computer Condition Code).6 is edited to the left of Section 0101 ABGREEC002345896D202309+ with a line drawn through 202309 and edited above is 202303Field D underprinted: 12+E20230415+F - Edited above Field 01-F is F for Computer Condition Code