Figure 3.12.21-4 displays the use of Action Code 6, which is used to indicate that this section must be corrected or updated. Action Code 6 is entered to the left of the section being changed. In this illustration:This illustration displays a portion of the error register containing Section 01, Fields A through Q, and Section 02, Fields A through F.A 6 is edited on the left margin of the register to the left of 02 (representing Section 02), to inform the ISRP operator that information in this section must be corrected.Field A (Transaction Date), displays 20210614 (Transaction Date is June 14, 2021).On the register, to the right of Field A is Field B (Transaction Code), containing 160.Field C (Transaction Amount), located to the right of Field B, is blank (i.e., contains no entry).To the right of Field C on the register is Field D (Transaction Date), containing the literals 20210614 (June 14, 2021).To the right of Field D is Field E (Transaction Code), containing 901 with a line drawn through the current entry, to inform the ISRP operator that this information is in error. Directly above the lined-through 901 is the literal 190 edited directly above it. This informs the ISRP operator that Field E must be changed from 901 to 190.