Figure 3.12.21-5 displays the use of Action Code 7, which indicates a dummy correction and requires no change. Action Code 7 is entered to the left of Section 01. For purposes of this illustration:This illustration displays a portion of the error register containing Section 01, Fields A through Q, and Section 02, Fields A through F.An edited 7 is displayed to the left of the 01 (Section 01), informing the ISRP operator that the present information is correct and no change needs to be made to Section 01. To the left of the 01 are the following (Section 01) fields and entries.An A (for Field A), displays the name control GREETo the right of Field A is a B (for Field B, EIN or SSN and TIN Type), which displays the TIN 000003456To the right of Field B is a C (for Field C, Master File Tax Account Code---MFT), which displays the MFT Code 30To the right of Field C is a D (for Field D, Tax Period), which displays the tax period of 202012 (for December 2020)To the right of Field D is an E (for Field E, Date of Transfer), which displays 20211213 (for December 13, 2021) as the Date of TransferTo the right of Field E is an F (for Field F, Date of Assessment), also known as the 23-C Date) which displays 20211213 (for December 13, 2021) as the Date of AssessmentTo the right of Field F is a G (for Field G, Original Assessment Transaction Code), which displays 300To the right of Field G is an H (for Field H, Original Assessment Transaction Amount, which is blank (i.e., displays no entry). All other fields following Field H (i.e., L, M, N, O, P, and Q are blank