Figure 3.12.21-11 provides an example displaying a correction of the name control. This figure displays both a portion of the Form 3413 and a corresponding portion of the error register. The display of Figure 3.12.21-11 provides information from both Section 01 on the document and Section 01 on the register, described as follows:The DLN on the Form 3413 is 00251-263-13100-1Under Section 01 (Form 3413), the Name Control (Field A) is ROSEField B (EIN or SSN and TIN Type) is 000-00-2222Field C (MFT Code) is 30Field D (Tax Period) is 202012Field E (Date of Transfer) is 09/10/21Field F (23C Date of Assessment) also is 09/10/21Field G (Original Assessment Code) is 150The error register displays Section 01, Fields A through GA 6 is edited to the left of Section 01, to inform the ISRP transcriber that a change must be made to Section 01.Field A on the error displays a line drawn through the name control, ROSAImmediately above the lined-out entry is the new edited name control ROSEField A must be changed from ROSA to ROSEFields B through G on the register correctly contain the same data displayed on Section 01 of the Form 3413No other changes are required to this recordThis Figure 3.12.21-11 shows how to correct transcription errors using Action Code 6.