Picture of Form 11-C and Section 01 of error register indicating action code 1 to issue TPNC 01.A completed Form 11-C is displayed.The taxpayer completed the return period section, indicating February 27 through June 30 of 2022.Code & Edit has entered 2202 next to the return period section.The taxpayer entered Feb as the date they would start accepting wagers on line 1.They entered 166.67 for tax on line 2.They checked the principal box on line 3.The correct principal rate for February, $208.33, is edited to the left of the amount on line 2.Section 01 of the corresponding error register is shown below the Form 11-C.Field 01-M shows the taxpayer’s entry for tax on line 2, 16667 and is under-printing with the correct amount for February, 20833.1-01 is edited to the left of Section 01, indicating that TPNC 01 should be sent.