Title: Figure 3.12.32-14, GUF 15-40, New Unpostable Repeats History Report. Pictured is a excerpt from the report. The report is sorted by Area and then by Employee Number. The first line shows the report name “GUF - 15-40, then the area, “UNPOSTABLES”, report title, “NEW UNPOSTABLE REPEATS HISTORY REPORT”. The next line has the literal “EMPLOYEE NUMBER” and a dummy number. The transactions associated with the employee number are shown underneath. The layout has twelve columns entitled:MFDLN/FTD/EFT No.SEQUENCE NUMBERTIN/ TYPENAME CTLMFTPLAN NUMTXPDTCSTCTRANS DATEUPC/R.After the repeat transactions are listed for each employee then total data is shown - TOTAL REPEAT CASES, SAME UPC AND DIFFERENT UPC.