This is an example of an Error Display Run Control Report. The top displayed line contains the following, P/R/F GMF-10-40 Error Display Run Control Report; System Date 08-07-20 Process Date 20-08-03 Page 3. The second line shows Informational Run Control Data. The run shows two columns, the lines are System Data 20-219, Processing Date 20-215, Processing SC Code 78, Beginning ABC Input or Defaulted <LG, Beginning ABC to be input next date <MC, Error Sort Parameter File Last Update Date 20-215, Program Number File Last Update Date 2007-199, New Error Documents, Out of Sequence of Today New Err File 0, Loop Error Documents, Out of Sequence on REJECTED Error File 0, Error Documents with, Unidentifiable Document Type 0, Error Document with Invalid Master file system code 0.