This is an example of the bottom of Form 6826, Section IV; Error Sort Card (Prepare only if different sort requested) (Encircle the desired option) The columns are Cd No, ID Cd, Master File has 5 individual block Program Number, Print Raw Rejects has a 1 in the column, Print Loop has 1 in the column, Report RAW Rejects has a one in the column, Reject Inventory List is numerically listed up to number 7, Age List is numerically listed up to number 7, A block on the side consists of the Inventory and Age List Key. The key displays blank as Do not input the list. 1 is Print in DLN order only. 2 is Print in RSN order only. 3 is DLN and RSN order. 4. is Print in TIN order only. 5. is Print in DLN and TIN order. 6. is RSN and TIN order. 7. is DLN, RSN and TIN order.