The is an example of an Error Resolution Inventory Control Report. The report shows the date, Selection inventory, Workable suspense inventory, Error inventory , and Unworkable suspense inventory. In the Selection inventory it shows the beginning inventory 0, total records added from GMF 1,222, workable suspense selected 3, unworkable suspense selected 26, error records selected 1,193, the ending inventory is 0. In the workable suspense inventory it shows the beginning inventory 14,965, error inventory records 19, returns analysis records added 3, GUF Records added 0, Unworkable suspense records added 3,327, duplicate block error records adds 0, records corrected 1,397, records suspended 46, records rejected 194, duplicate records dropped 0, ending inventory 11,735, quality assurance hold 0, Error Inventory shows the beginning inventory 5,702, error records selected 1,193, records corrected 2,694, records suspended 134, records rejected 0, duplicate records dropped 0, duplicate block records moved to suspense 0, ending inventory 4,067, quality assurance hold 25, In the unworkable suspense inventory it shows the beginning inventory as 26,094, error records added 115, returns analysis records added 26, workable suspense record added 170, workable suspense records removed 3,327, duplicate records removed 0, ending inventory 23,078.