Form 8822, Change of Address (For Individual, Gift, Estate, or Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Returns)Figure 4 displays an example of a completed Form 8822. The Form 8822 is divided into two portions, Parts I and II. Within Part I is an area for the taxpayer to include their name, spouse's name, prior name(s), spouse's prior names, and their Social Security Numbers. The area allows both taxpayers, when applicable to include the Spouses' name. Complete Part I to change your home mailing address by proving their old address and new address. The example displays a representation of the taxpayer provided address information in Part I.Part II is the signature section; there is a line for the Daytime phone number of the person to contact (optional). The daytime phone number of person to contact (optional) with 555-555-8465 type written as a representation of the taxpayer's phone number. The Sign Here section has two lines for the taxpayer and spouse to sign and include the date of the signature. In this example, Roger J. Melon and Stephanie F. Ochre, both taxpayer show a 5-15-2020 signature date. There is an area within the document for the Signature of the representative, executor, administrator/if applicable and the date. Directly below this line is a line designated for the authorized person to include their official title.A received date stamp is shown on the Form that shows a date of 05222020 which represents May 22, 2020.