ITIN RTS DatabaseFigure 11 is representation of the ITIN RTS Database shows a representation of a Form W-7 Search. Beside the Applicant Last Name field is AZURE. Beside the Applicant First Name is SANDRA and a Date of Birth (DOB) is 10/03/1957. Figure 11 also displays an arrow going to the search key. Under the search key is an example of the data displayed based on the search for SANDRA AZURE. The figure displays Sandra Azure with a Date of Birth (DOB) of 10/03/1957, the Country of Birth (COB) of Canada, the Country of Citizenship (COC) of Canada. It also displays a reason code of R17, a status of Rejected, a representation of a DLN, and some information regarding a View/History field. Below the figure additional information contains the following statement, A minimum of 2 search criteria are required if the DLN and/or ITIN are unavailable.