CC ASIGN screenThis is a picture of the ASIGN screen with the elements identified. You will correct any * fields on the screen, or suspend for correspondence. You can input a Status Code A, S, or R and the applicable Status Reason Code to generate a CP notice to the applicant. In this example, the STAT-CD is S, indicating that the account is in Suspense status awaiting a reply to correspondence. 1st line is ASIGNU, DLN>00696211060449 STAT-CD>S, EXT-STAT> and EXT-DT>. 2nd line is ATIN> (blank because it has not been assigned), ATIN-DT> , STAT-DT>08162009, EMP-NUM>0023548546. 3rd line is DT-SIGNED>07122009 RECD>08022009, LOADED>08132009, and STAT-RSN-CD>06- - - - 4th row is PRIMARY-NAME, SSN>000-00-5926 IGN-IND>1, PHONE>(619)216-8712, and DOC>0*. The remaining lines are the Name Lines for the Primary and Secondary, Mailing Address, Child's information, Placement Information, POA, and Remarks. They are as follows: FST-NM>JORGE LST-NM>HAWK SECONDARY-NAME SSN>000-00-5727 FST-NM>ELEANOR LST-NM>HAWK MAIL-STR-ADDR>783 BUCHANAN RD APT 102 NOT-DT>08232009 TYPE-CD>562A MAIL-CTY-ADDR>PHOENIX UNDELV-NOT-CD-DT> NOT-CD> MAIL-ST-ADDR>AZ ZIP>85026 UNDELV-EMP-NUM> CHILD-SSN>000-00-0000 CHILD-DOB>05312008CHILD-SEX>M CHILD-BIRTH-INFO CHILD-ADOPTED-NAME FST-NM>FIDEL BENJAMIN MID-NM> LST-NM>EAGLE HAWK POB-CTY>RIVERSIDE ST>CA CNTY> PLACEMENT-AG-NM>ORIOLE PLACEMENT SERVICES PLACEMENT-DT>01292009 AG-STR-ADDR>2310 PIERCE LN AG-CTY-ADDR>ANAHEIM ST>CA ZIP>92803 POA-NM> POA-STR-ADDR> POA-CTY-ADDR> ST> ZIP> REMARKS> REQUEST COMPLETED