This is the first of several exhibits contains the country name and their country codes in alphabetical order. In this exhibit you will find the following: Abaco Iss. (Bahamas Territory) BF; Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) TC; Aden (Yemen) YM; Admiralty Iss (Bismarck Archipelago Papua New Guinea (PP); Aegean Iss. (Greece) GR; Afghanistan (AF); Agalega Is (Mauritius) MP; Ajman (United Arab Emirates) TC; Aland Iss (Finland) FI; Albania AL' Alberta (Canada) CA; Aldabra Iss. (Seychelles Iss) SE; Algeria AG; American Samoa (US Possession) AQ; Amirante Iss (Seychelles Iss) SE; Andaman Iss (India) IN; Andorra (French Adm. Dept.) AN; Andros Iss. (Bahamas) BF; Anegada Is. (British Virgin Iss) VI; Angola AO; Anguilla AV; Annobon Is. (Equatorial Guinea) EK; Antarctia AY; Anticosti Is. (Canada) CA; Antigua & Barbuda AC; Antipodes (New Zealand) NZ; Antrim (Northern Ireland) UK; Argentina AR; Armenia AM; Armagh ( Northern Ireland) UK; Aruba (Netherlands Realm) AA; Ascension Is. (St. Helen Is.) SH; Ashanti (Ghana) GH; Ashmore & Cartier Iss AT; Auckland Iss. (New Zealand) NZ; Australia AS; Austria AU; Azerbaijan AJ; Azores Iss. (Portugal) PO; Bahamas, The BF; Bahrain BA; Bahia Iss. (Honduras) HO; Balearic Iss. (Spain) SP; Bali (Indonesia) ID; Baker Is. (US Territory) FO; Bangka Is. ( Indonesia) ID; Bangladesh BG; Barbados BB; Barbuda & Antigua AC; Basseterre Is. (Guadeloupe French Overseas Territory) GP; Bassas da India (French Possession) BS; Basutoland (Lesotho) LT; Bechuanaland (Botswana) BC; Belarus BO; Belgium BE; Belitung Is. (Indonesia) ID; Belize (British Honduras) BH. Bottom of the page is a note that reads Is = Island; Iss = Islands. Continued on next page.