This is a continuation page of the country codes. The following information is present: Benin (formerly Dahomey) BN; Bermuda BD; Bhutan BT; Bikini Atoll (Marshall Iss. - US Territory) RM; Billiton Is. (Belitung Is. Indonesia) ID; Bismarck Archipelago (Papua New Guinea) PP; Bissagos Iss. (Guinea-Bissau) PU; Bolivia BL; Bonaire Is. (Netherlands Antilles) NT; Bornholm Is. (Denmark) DA; Bosnia-Herzegovina BK; Botswana BC; Bougainville Is (Papua New Guinea) PP; Bounty Iss (New Zealand); Bouvet Is. (Norwegian Territory) BV; Brazil BR; British Columbia (Canada) CA; British Honduras (Belize) BH; British Indian Ocean Territory IO; British Virgin Iss. VI; Brunei BX; Buka Is. (Papua New Guinea) PP; Bulgaria BU; Burkina Faso (formerly Upper Volta) UV; Burma (Myanmar) BM; Burundi BY; Cabinda (Angola) AO; Caicos Iss. (Turks & Caicos Iss. TK; Cambodia (Kampuchea Khmer Republic) CB; Cameroon CM; Campbell Is. (New Zealand) NZ; Canada CA; Canary Iss. (Spain) SP; Cannanore Iss. (Laccadive Iss. India) IN; Cape Breton Is. (Canada) CA; Cape Verde Iss. CV; Cargado Carajos Shoals (Maritius) MP; Cartier Is. (Australia) AS; Cayman Brac Iss. CJ; Celebes Is. (Sulawesi Is. Indonesia) ID; Central African Rep CT; Cerum (Seram Indonesia) ID; Ceuta (Spain) SP; Ceylon (Sri Lanka) CE; Chad CD; Chagos Archipelago (British Indian Ocean Terr) IO; Channel Iss. Jersey (British Crown Dependency) JE; Channel Iss. Guernsey (British Crown Dependency) GK; Channel Iss. Isle of Man (British Crown Dependency) IM; Chatham Iss. (New Zealand) NZ; Chile CI; China People's Rep of CH; Christmas Is. (Indian Ocean Australian Dependency) KT; Christmas Is. (Pacific Ocean Kirbati) KR; Clipperton Iss (Australian Dependency) IP; Cocos Iss. Keeling Iss. (Australian Dependency) CK. Note Is. = Island; Iss. = Islands; Continued on next page.