Continuation of list of country codes: Columbia CO; Comoros Iss. CN; Congo, Democratic Rep. of (Zaire) CG; Congo, Republic of (Brazzaville) CF; Cook Iss. (New Zealand) CW; Coral Sea Iss. (Australian Territory) CR; Corisco Iss. (Equatorial Guinea) EK; Corsica (France) FR; Costa Rica CS; Cote D‘Ivoire (Ivory Coast) IV; Cozumel Iss. (Mexico) MX; Crete (Greece) GR; Croatia HR; Cuba CU; Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) NT; Cyprus CY; Czech Republic EZ; Dahomey (Benin) BN; Denmark DA; D'Entrecasteaux Is. (Papua New Guinea) PP; Desirade Is. (Guadeloupe); Diego Garcia Is. (Chagas Archipelago) IO; Djibouti DJ; Dodecanese Iss. (Greece) GR; Dominica DO; Dominican Republic DR; Down (Northern Ireland) UK; Dubai (United Arab Emirates) TC; East Timor TT; Easter Is. (Chile) CI; Eastern New Guinea (Papua New Guinea) PP; Ecuador EC; Egypt EG; Eire (Ireland) EI; Elba Is. (Italy) IT; Eleuthera Is. (Bahamas) BF; Elobey Is. (Equatorial Guinea) EK; El Salvador ES; Enderbury Is. (Phoenix Iss Kiribati) KR; England (UK Great Britain) UK; Equatorial Guinea EK; Eritrea ER; Estonia EN; Ethiopia ET; Europa Is. (Reunion Is. French Poss.) EU; Note Is. = Island; Iss. = Islands; Continued on next page.