Continuation page listing the country codes: Falkland Iss. (British dependency, claimed by Argentina) FK; Faeroe Iss. (Denmark) FO; Farquhar Group Iss. (Seychelles Iss.) SE: Federation of Malaya (Malaysia) MY; Federated States of Micronesia (US Territory) FM; Fermanagh (Northern Ireland) UK; Fernando de Noronha Iss. (Brazil) BR; Fernando Po Is. (Bioko Is. Equatorial Guinea) EK; Fezzan (Libya) LY; Fiji FJ; Finland FI; Flores Is (Indonesia) ID; France FR; French Antarctic Land (French Southern & Antarctic Territories) FS; French Guiana (French Southern & Antarctic Territories) FG; French Indian Ocean Area ( French Overseas Adm. Div.) FS; French Morocco (Morocco) MO; French Polynesia (French Overseas Adm. Div.) FP; French Somaliland (Djibouti) DJ; French Southern & Antarctic Land (French Overseas Adm. Div.) FS; French West Indies (Guadeloupe) GP; Friendly Iss. (Tonga) TN; Futuna (Wallis & Futuna Iss. France) WF; Gabon GB; Galapagos Iss. (Ecuador) EC; Gambia GA; Gambier Is. (French Polynesia) FP; Gaza Strip GZ; Germany GM; Georgia GG; Ghana GH; Gibraltar (British Colony) GI; Gilbert Iss. (Kiribati) KR; Glorioso Iss. (Glorieuses Iss. French Possession) GO; Gold Coast (Ghana) GH; Gonave Is. (Haiti) HA; Gotland Is. (Sweden) SW; Gough Is. (St. Helen Is.) SH; Gozo Is. (Malta) MT; Grand Bahama Is. (Bahamas) BF; Grand Manan Is. (Canada) CA; Grand Terre (Mayotte French Possession) MF; Great Britain (United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) UK; Great Exuma Iss. (Bahamas) BF; Great Inagua Iss. (Bahamas) BF; Grecian Archipelago (Greece) GR; Greece GR; Greenland (Denmark Adm. Div.) GL; Grenada (Southern Grenadines) GJ; Grenadines, Northern (St Vincent & the Grenadines) VC; Note Is. = Island; Iss. = Islands; Continued on next page.