Continuation page listing the country codes: Malawi (Nyasaland) MI; Malaysia MY; Maldives Iss. MV; Mali ML; Mallorca Is. (Balearic Iss. Spain) SP; Malta MT; Malvinas Islas (Falkland Iss.) FK; Man, Isle of (British Crown Dependency) IM; Manchuria (China, People's Rep. of) CH; Manitoba (Canada) Mariana Iss., Northern (US Territory) CQ; Marie Galante Is. (Guadeloupe) GP; Marquesas Is. (Kiribati) KR; Marshall Iss. (US Territory) RM; Martinque (French Overseas Adm. Div.) MB; Mauritania MR; Mauritus MP; Mayotte (French Territory) MF; Melilla (Spain) SP; Mexico MX; Micronesia Federated States of (US Territory) FM; Midway Is. (US Territory) MQ; Miquelon Is. (St. Pierre & Miquelon Iss - French Overseas Adm. Div.) SB; Moldova MD; Moluccas Iss. (Maluku Spice Iss - Indonesia) ID; Monaco MN; Mongolia MG; Mongolia, Inner (China, People's Rep. of) CH; Montenegro MW; Montserrat (British Colony) MH; Morant Cays Is. (Jamaica) JM; Morocco MO; Mozambique MZ; Myanmar (Burma) BM; Namibia (formerly South West Africa) WA; Nauru Is. NR; Navassa Is. (US Territory) BQ; Nepal NP; Netherlands, The (Europe only) NL; Netherlands Antilles NT; Netherlands New Guinea (Indonesia) ID; Nevis Is. (St. Christopher & Nevis Iss.) SC; New Britain Is. (Papua New Guinea) PP; New Brunswick (Canada) CA; New Caledonia Is. (French Overseas Adm. Dept.) NC; Newfoundland (Canada) CA; New Hebrides (Vanuatu) NH; New Ireland (Papua New Guinea) PP; New Providence Is. (Bahamas) BF; New Zealand NZ; Nicaragua NU; Nicobar Iss. (India) IN; Niger NG; Nigeria NI; Niue Iss (New Zealand Territory) NE; Norfolk Is. (Australian Territory) NF; North Korea (Democratic People's Rep. of Korea) KN; Northern Ireland UK; Northern Mariana Iss. (US Territory) CQ; Northern Solomon Iss. (Papua New Guinea) PP; Norway NO; Nova Scotia (Canada) CA; Nyasaland (Malawi) MI; Note Is. = Island; Iss. = Islands; Continued on next page.