Continuation page listing the country codes: Saba Is. (Netherlands Antilles) NT; Sabah (Malaysia) MY; St Barthelemy Is. (St Bartholomew Is. Guadeloupe) GP; St. Christopher & St. Nevis Iss. ( St. Kitts Iss) SC: St. Eustache Is. (Netherlands Antilles) NT; St. Helena Is. (British Colony) SH; St. Kitts ( St. Christopher & St. Nevis Iss.) SC; St. Lucia Is. (Dominica) ST; St. Martin Is., Northern (Guadeloupe) GP; St. Martin Is., Southern (Netherlands Antilles) NT; St. Pierre & Miquelon Iss. (French Overseas Adm. Dept.) SB; St. Thomas Is. (US Virgin Iss.) VQ; St. Vincent & the Grenadines Iss. VC; Sakhalin Is. (Russia) RS; Sakashima Is. (Japan) JA; Sala-y-Gomez Is. (Chile) CI; Samoa, American (US Possession) AQ; Samoa, Western WS; Samos Is. (Greece) GR; Samothraki Is. (Greece) GR; San Ambrosio Iss. (Chile) CI; San Felix Iss. (Chile) CI; San Marino SM; Sao Paulo and Sao Pedro Iss. (Brazil) BR; Sao Tome & Principe Iss. (St. Thomas) TP; Sarawak Is. (Borneo Is. Malaysia) MY; Sardinia (Italy) IT; Saskatchewan (Canada) CA; Saudi Arabia SA; Scilly Iss. (UK) UK; Scotland (UK) UK; Senegal SG; Serbia SR; Seychelles Iss. SE; Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) TC; Shetland Is. (Scotland UK) UK; Sicily (Italy) IT; Sierra Leone SL; Singapore SN; Sinkiang Province (China, People's Rep. of) CH; Slovakia LO; Slovenia SI; Society Iss. (French Polynesia) FP; Socotra Is. (Yemen) YM; Solomon Iss., Northern (Papua New Guinea) PP; Solomon Iss., Southern (formerly British Solomon Iss.) BP; Somalia SO; Sombrero Is. (Anguilla) AV; South Africa SF; South Arabia (Yemen) YM; South Georgia Is. (British Dependency, claimed by Argentina) SX; South Korea, Rep. of KS; South Orkney Iss. (Antarctica) AY; South Sandwich Iss. (British Dependency, claimed by Argentina) SX; South Shetland Iss. (Antarctica) AY; Southern Yemen YM; South West Africa (Namibia) WA; Spain SP; Spanish Morocco (Morocco Northern & Southern Zones) MO; Spanish Sahara (Western Sahara) WI; Spitsbergen (Svalbard Norway) SV; Spratly Iss. (disputed sovereignty) PG; Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) CE; Note Is. = Island; Iss. = Islands; Continued on next page.