Continuation page listing the country codes: Sudan SU; Sulawesi Is. (Celebes Is. Indonesia) ID; Sumatra Is. (Indonesia) ID; Sunda Iss., Lesser (Indonesia) ID; Sumbawa Is. (Indonesia) ID; Suriname NS; Svalbard (Spitsbergen Norway) SV; Swan Iss. (Honduras) HO; Swaziland WZ; Syria SY; Sweden SW; Switzerland SZ; Tahiti Is. (Society Iss. French Polynesia) FP; Taiwan TW; Tangier (formerly Neutral Zone) MO; Tajikistan TI; Tanzania, United Rep. of (Tanganyika) TZ; Tasmania (Australia) AS; Thailand TH; Three Kings Is. (New Zealand) NZ; Tibet (China, People's Rep. of) CH; Timor Is. (Indonesia) ID; Tobago Is. (Indonesia) ID; Togo TO; Togoland (Ghana) GH; Tokelau Is. (New Zealand) TL; Tonga TN; Tortola Is. (British Virgin Iss.) VI; Trinidad and Tobago TD; Trinidad, Ilha de (Brazil) BR; Tripolitania (Libya) LY; Tristan de Cunha Is. Group (Ascension Is., Inaccessible Is., Nightingale Is., St. Helena Is.) SH; Tromelin Is. (French Possession) TE; Tsinghai Province (Qinghai China, People's Rep. of) CH; Tuamotu Iss. (French Polynesia) FP; Tunisia TS; Turkey TU; Turkenistan TX; Turks & Caicos Iss. TK; Tutuila Is. (American Samoa US Territory) AQ; Tuvalu Iss. (Ellice Iss.) TV; Tyrol (Austria) AU; Uganda UG; Ukraine UP; Um al Qualwan (United Arab Emirates) TC; Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (pre-1993) UR; United Arab Emirates TC; United Kingdom (Great Britain) UK; United States US; UNKNOWN COUNTRY UC; Upper Volta (Burkina Faso) UV; Uruguay UY; US Virgin Iss. (US Territory) VQ; Uzbekistan UZ; Note Is. = Island; Iss. = Islands; Continued on next page.