Shown is how the Form 3809 is filled out when processing cases for the 6565 account: The DEBIT box reads 6565 ACCOUNT.The TAXPAYER'S NAME and ADDRESS are complete, and the NAME CONTROL is underlined (See Exception in #8 below).The two-digit UNIVERSAL LOCATION CODE is correct.The TIN is correct.The MFT, TAX PERIOD and TRANSACTION DATE correspond with the refund being cancelled.The DEBIT AMOUNT and CREDIT AMOUNT are the same and correspond with the refund being cancelled.Enter TC 841 as Transaction Code.NMF box is checked on the DEBIT portion and MF box is checked on CREDIT portion. Exception: Occasionally the refund will be re-issued from another NMF account (6520) instead of MF. Verify that:a. The NMF account is listed in the CREDIT box.b. The MFT, TAX PERIOD, and TRANSACTION DATE are not needed.c. The NMF box is checked in both the DEBIT and CREDIT portions.The EXPLANATION is complete (Explanations will vary depending on the refund situation.)The PREPARED BY and DATE PREPARED boxes are complete.The correct CATEGORY CODE is noted, and completed COVER SHEET is attached if appropriate.The DLN constructed as follows:Digits 1-2: File Location CodeDigit 3: Tax ClassDigits 4-5: Doc. Code 48Digits 6-8: Current Julian DateDigits 9-11: Blocking Series 899Digits 12-13: Serial Number Beginning with 00