This figure contains two separate graphics. The first graphic represents Form 2555 (page 1):The name is Donna Greyhound.The TIN is 000-00-7301.The foreign address on line 1 is Monte Carlo, Monaco.The occupation is Lawyer.A POD (Post of Duty) code of MN is edited in red in the top center margin of the Form 2555. The code is edited based on the information provided by the taxpayer from her foreign address on line 1.There are no dates entered by the taxpayer in either the Bona Fide Residence or Physical Presence sections.The second graphic represents page 3 of Form 2555, on which the taxpayer completed line 38 (number of days) by entering 365. There is a blurb on the Form 2555 with an arrow pointing to line 38 which states When line 38 of Form 2555 is 365 days, edit Bona Fide Residence dates covering a full calendar year. The Bona Fide dates must be entered in a YYMM format.Returning to the first graphic, the beginning Bona Fide date is entered as 2101 and the ending Bona Fide date is entered as 2112 on page 1 of Form 2555.