This figure contains two graphics. The first graphic represents Form 2555 (page 2) showing that there are no Physical Presence dates entered by the taxpayer and there are no statements.The second graphic represents Form 2555 (page 3):The taxpayer completed line 31 (number of days) by entering 347.There is a text box on the Form 2555 (page 3) with an arrow pointing to line 31 which states Do Not Correspond for Dates.Lines 42 and 45 on Form 2555 (page 3) show 25,000.There is no correspondence required for this return because the number of days on line 31 is within 330 and 364, which qualifies the taxpayer under the Physical Presence test.The Physical Presence dates must be entered in a YYMM format. Line 16 of Form 2555 (page 2) has a Physical Presence beginning date entered as 2301 and has a Physical Presence ending date entered as 2312.