This figure contains 2 graphics. The first graphic represents a Schedule C: The name is Adam Rosario.The TIN is 000-00-9583.The principal business listed in A is Construction.The principal business activity code (PBA) on B is 469811.The business address in E is 42 Calle Majada in San Juan, PR, 00936.Part I (Income) has 24000 on lines 1, 3, 5, and 7 (gross income).Part II (Expenses) has 3000 (car and truck expenses) on line 9.The top center margin contains the statement Income Exempt - Sec 933.When the Schedule C income is exempt due to Sec 933, the original schedule is deleted (the Schedule C shows a large red X covering the entire schedule) and a dummy schedule is prepared.The second graphic represents the prepared dummy Schedule C, which will replace the original schedule. The new Schedule C contains the taxpayer's TIN edited in red as 000-00-9583 and has the PBA edited on B in red as 469811. Line 1 (gross receipts) has a 1 edited in red.