Detaching the Correct Form 8805This figure shows a 2022 revision of Form 8804 and Form 8805 prepared by the Foreign Partnership, which will be distributed to the foreign partners. These types of Forms 8805 are to be detached and forwarded to Batching and Numbering. Displayed - Completed Part I of Foreign Partnerships Form 8804Line 1a: Birch Partnership {The name control Birc is underlined in red.}Line 1b: 00-7654321Line 1c: 16 Hemlock Ave.Line 1d: Portland, OR 97208Detach {is written at the top of Form 8805 to serve as an example}Line 1a: Rose LLCLine 1b: 00-9988776Line 1c: Maple Boulevard, 20801 Hamburg, GermanyLine 5a: Birch PartnershipLine 5b: 00-7654321Line 5c: 16 Hemlock Ave. Portland, OR 97208Line 9: $100,000Line 10: $35,000