Line 6b With Partial Supporting DocumentationThis figure shows the editing of line 6b on Form 8804. Since only partial documentation is present to substantiate the total Section 1446 tax withholding claimed. Line 6b reads: Section 1446 tax paid or withheld by another partnership in which the partnership identified on line 1a was a partner during the tax year (enter only amounts reported on Form(s) 8805 and attach these Form(s) 8805 to Form 8804). Line 6b has an entry of $5000 which has been X'd out and a new entry figure of $2000 appears edited to the left of the X'd out $5000.This figure also shows the Entity information on Form 8804 Part I (Page 1), lines 1a through 1d. The following information appears on these lines. Line 1a - Ash Laurel LP {The name control ASHL is underlined in red ink}Line 1b - 00-1212121Line 1c - Mesquite 1535-107Line 1d - 44245 Guadalajara JAL. Mexico {The country name of Mexico is circled in red, and the country code is edited in the following format /MX/$ with red ink.}Line 5a: $4,000Line 5f: $4,000Line: 6b: $2,000 {$5,000 is crossed out}This figure shows a 2017 Form 8805 prepared by the Foreign Partnership, Poplar LP and provided to Ash Laurel LP to report the income and claim the withholding. Line 1a: Ash Laurel LPLine 1b: 00-1212121Line 1c: Mesquite 1535-107 44245 Guadalajara JAL. MexicoLine 3: PartnershipLine 5a: Poplar LPLine 5b: 00-0101010Line 5c: 12345 Rue de Acacia 31000 Toulouse, FranceLine 9: $8,000Line 10: $2,000