Line 6b With NO Supporting DocumentationThis figure shows the editing of line 6b on Form 8804 with no documentation present to substantiate the Section 1446 tax withholding. Line 6b reads: Section 1446 tax paid or withheld by another partnership in which the partnership identified on line 1a was a partner during the tax year (enter only amounts reported on Form(s) 8805 and attach these Form(s) 8805 to Form 8804). Line 6b has an entry of $5000 which has been X'd out.This figure also shows the Entity information on Form 8804 Part I (Page 1), lines 1a through 1d. The following information appears on these lines. Line 1a - Pine LP {The name control PINE is underlined in red ink}Line 1b - 00-2323232Line 1c - 1234 Elm St.Line 1d - 45105 Essen, Germany {The country name of Germany is circled in red, and the country code is edited in the following format /GM/$ with red ink.}Line 6b” $5,000 is crossed out.This figure shows a 2017 Form 8805 prepared by the Foreign Partnership Willow Oak LP and provided to Pine LP to report the income and claim the withholding. Line 1a: Pine LPLine 1b: 00-2323232Line 1c: 1234 Elm St.45105 Essen, GermanyLine 5a: Willow Oak LPLine 5b: 00-3434343Line 5c: 1111 Alder RoadLiverpool, L64 8HJ, EnglandLine 9: blankLine 10: $0.00At the end of the figure appears the following caption: Form 8805: Reports Zero withholding on Line 10