Figure 2 is a Form 3893 on top of a Form 1042 and gives instructions on how to reprocess a document which has posted to an incorrect TIN/Tax Period. The Re-Entry Document Control, Form 3893, has the following entries: File Type: box checked is BMFBlock #1, Alpha/Numeric block control no: entry is 006Block #2, Document locator number: entry is 0012503100600 1Block #11, Re-entry source code: box checked is, R - Reprocessable: Has posted to MF incorrectly; not open on SCCF. Check applicable box in Block 19.Block #12, DLN year digit: entry is 1Block #14, Remarks: Posted to 202012, Re-input to Post 202112Block #17, Prepared by: (with Tax Examiner’s Initials, Telephone ext., and Date) The Form 1042 is a tax year 2020 version with the taxpayer’s name, address, and EIN filled out. The name control is underlined, the DLN is crossed out, and 2021 is edited to the left of 2020.