Editing the Tax PeriodThis figure illustrates the editing of the tax period on a Form 8288. The tax period is derived from the Date of Transfer, which is located on Line 3. The following entries appear in this figure; The Date of Transfer (DOT) and the Tax Period. The DOT appears in Part II, Line 3. The DOT is 12/07/2020. The year and month of the DOT is used to determine the tax period. The year 19 is circled in red and the entire year 2020 is edited, and to the right of the circled year.The tax period is edited to the right of the tax form title appearing at the top of the page. The tax period is written in YYYYMM format. The edited tax period reads 202012.Form 8288 is signed by Willow Balsam. The title of this person is Partner. The signature date line is blank.